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Those who smoke very well know the dangers of smoking, but find it very difficult to quit. Statistics show a staggering amount of cigarette related deaths per year. It is common knowledge that cigarettes contain toxic substances, are highly addictive, and cause diseases like lung disease and emphysema. The question remains, if cigarettes are so dangerous, then why do people continue to smoke? To any smoker, the answer is quite simple; cigarettes often times provide stress relief, and the flavor is enjoyable and extremely addicting. Aside from the addictiveness and toxins, there really is nothing wrong with smoking cigarettes. Now, cigarette smokers can enjoy the same flavors and sensations from smoking traditional cigarettes without all the side effects, thanks to Sky Cig Electronic cigarettes.

Sky Cig Electronic Cigarettes is a device that emulates the sensation and experience of smoking a cigarette without all of the ill effects. Sky Cig Electronic Cigarettes resemble real cigarettes and taste just like real cigarettes, but require no flame and emit no smoke. Instead, Sky Cig Electronic Cigarette emits and light vapor that contains no harmful toxins like cigarette smoke. Sky Cig looks and feels just like a real cigarette, and can be smoked just the same. However, smoking Sky Cig poses no effects to one’s health. Sky Cig is electronic and runs on a battery, so no flame is required to smoke the cigarette. Instead of smoke, a tobacco flavored vapor is inhaled through the mouth piece of the cigarette. Smoking Sky Cig Electronic Cigarette is much safer and convenient than smoking a regular cigarette.

Sky Cig Electronic Cigarette contains no actual smoke or tobacco, but contains a tobacco flavored vapor that imitates tobacco. Because of this, they can be smoked in places where regular cigarettes wouldn’t be allowed, like bars, restaurants and other public places. Even though Sky Cig contains no tobacco, there is small hint of nicotine to contain the nicotine craving smokers tend to have. In addition, the flavor is so similar most smokers wouldn’t even know the difference. Aside from that, Sky Cig Electronic Cigarette is much cheaper to smoke than regular cigarettes. For one, there is the money saved from buying lighters and matches. Secondly, since Sky Cig runs on a battery, all you have to do is charge the battery to smoke Sky Cig. In addition, each Sky Cig cartridge is equivalent to about 20 cigarettes. With cigarette prices rising by the day, Sky Cig is definitely a smart investment.

Sky Cig Electronic Cigarette is also available in a variety of flavors. These flavors range from Tobacco, Menthol, Vanilla, to even cherry. The cigarettes are also available in different intensities of nicotine, like Light, Regular and Bold. This gives good variety of light smokers to heavy smokers. People who smoke regular cigarettes have found that Sky Cig has helped them in quitting, which is a hard thing to do as it is. For those who enjoy the sensations of smoking but don’t want to damage their health, Sky Cig Electronic Cigarettes are the answer.

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